Sustainable and ethical companies should be transparent as they can be. Below we will not only tell you about our sustainable and ethical decisions but show you our certificates as proof and you can meet our beautiful partners that make your amazing clothes. We encourage feedback and are constantly looking at new technologies and methods to improve on what we do.


We very much acknowledge that eliminating plastics all together is the end goal and that micro plastics from washing polyester garments are still damaging our planet. In saying that currently there is over 359 million tons of new plastics entering our world annually and these mostly come from the oil and coal industry. We are not perfect but are currently working with Biofabric companies around the world to come up with new fabrics that are robust, affordable, 100% natural and renewable and can't wait to show you these in upcoming collections. Until then our goal is to reclaim and use the plastics dumped into our oceans and landfills to at least reduce our reliance on oil and coal and help clean up our beautiful planet.


To reduce our environmental impact, we only use 2 fabrics which are both made from recycling plastic bottles we reclaim from our oceans and landfill and we turn them into fabrics. Fabric one is a RPET polyester non-stretch reversible satin which is a crepe on the other side allowing us to increase its usage, see certificate 1. Fabric 2 is a RPET polyester stretch see certificate 2. Both are 100% made from RPET are Vegan and PETA approved.


Our garment bags are made from corn and are biodegradable and our labels are also made recycled plastics.


XMALI is part of the fashion revolution and we want to make our ethical manufacturing as transparent as possible. Part of our aim is to show non sustainable brands they can be sustainable, ethical, and still make a profit. We have chosen to make our clothes in China which is the garment production hub of the world to show it can be done with existing infrastructure. Our partners in China work under ethical conditions, must have employment contracts, work 8 hours a day with a 2 hour siesta Monday to Saturday by choice (8AM-12AM,2PM-6PM) and overtime is paid at double the national rate. We do not offer dormitories as the majority of our staff own their own homes, but we offer extra living subsidies to those who are working towards that. Here are some of our beautiful partners and some unedited info written by them about themselves. Feel free to send any messages of gratitude for making your clothes to and we will pass them on, they love hearing from you!Firstly, some words from our incredible manager in China, Ella.

"These workers in our factory have been with our factory for more than 15 years. Many of them are grandpas(grandmas) or dads(mums) now. we are very happy that we have been working together for so many years. We love clothing, not just Treat him as a job, but treat him as a Career. The factory is like a big tree. Each of us is a leaf on the tree. The big tree supplies our soil with nutrients." We" use photosynthesis to create more nutrients for the big tree, so that the leaves become more and more prosperous. , The tree is getting stronger and stronger! And we are also grateful to our customers all over the world. It is their continuous orders that enable us to create value and wealth for the society through our own labour:)"

"Yifang ZHANG. A very cheerful person who has been in the clothing industry for nearly 20 years. Who is pattern making assistant person, mainly making pants and jackets. Have 2 children, one is in the university in China. And other child is in the junior high School. He hopes his parents are in good health and have the opportunity to take them to visit his child's university in some day!"

"Kai Fang, who have been in our factory for almost 8 years and just upgraded to a father in 2019. His hobbies are playing computer games, football games and sing songs. Especially good at doing the woven items, such the dress, jumpsuit, top and jacket. His craftsmanship is very good and he has received many customers' recognition:)"

"Feng and Bin Wang, They are husband and wife, having 2 children, but the children are in their hometown and be raised by children's grandparents. When they receive monthly wages. Which is the happiest thing for this couple, because they can send money to their parents and children. Buy more nutrition and pay the education expenses! They are hardworking in their work. On weekends, they will go shopping and buy clothes gift for their children. They say that the most important thing when a family is together and health!"

"Hua Ye, He is a mature crafts man who irons clothes in the factory who has been in the factory for 5 years and is not married yet. He said he is very picky about his girlfriend, haha, we think this is a joke! But we hope that he will find time to date with girls, and hope that he will find the girl he is in love :)"

"Yun lan Li, who is the factory's supervisor of the factory pattern & sample room, who has done pattern work for 30 years and familiar with all kinds of fabrics and styles. She is also approachable and amiable to workmates in the factory. But she is very serious and responsible for her work at the time. we have learned "to live and learn! Never give up easily from her:)"

"Kun Liu. He have been engaged in clothing for about 20 years. Now he is the supervisor of the cutting bed. Before cutting the clothes, he will check the quality of the whole batch of fabrics on the cloth checking machine. now he has a 1 year old grandson! And he always keep happy everyday, and tell us, Happy is a day, sad is also a day, then he would rather choose a happy day!"

"Xiaxiao Wu & Ming Chen.They are also a couple. They have two daughters. They are good at making various styles of clothes, mainly dresses and knitted clothes. They have worked in our factory for more than 10 years. In their free time, they like to go to the park or bookstore."


Above we have information and certificates explaining our methods. Please be aware that we have blacked out all the personal information on these documents to protect some of our sources or the privacy of our staff. Our major wholesale partners have access to unedited versions of these under confidentiality agreements.